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We provide you with a continuous stream of sales leads from companies that are advertising job openings that your service can replace. Straight to your inbox - every other week.Check out our live demo and leads for a graphic design agency below 👇🏼

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See How Lead Beacon Works👇🏼

1. Strategy & Setup

Understanding your service and ideal customer profile

Together with you, we develop a clear understanding of your services and ideal customers.We then determine which job openings and decision-makers we will target for lead generation.

2. Lead Generation

Scan job openings for leads

We continually scan job boards, company websites, and listing aggregators for target job openings.We then identify the decision-maker and relevant contact information for that lead.All leads are manually verified for accuracy and deliverability.

3. Deliver & Close!

Qualified leads continuously delivered straight to your inbox

We send you a list of qualified leads with 20+ enriching data points including email addresses, a link to the job opening, and much more.All you have to do is plug these new leads into your email campaigns and start closing new clients!


📈 More Appointments = More Sales

Watch your response rate go through the roof. By using the signals provided by job postings, our clients have experienced a >50% increase in response rates to cold outreach.

📧 Verified Prospect Email Addresses

Each email address is manually verified by publicly available sources. Watch each email go straight to your prospect's inbox - no more bounced emails.

🔄 Continuous Stream of Leads

Get new leads continuously as new jobs are posted. You'll always have updated information and a full pipeline.

🖐🏼 Manual + Systematic

We source job postings from a litany of sources, but always manually verify to filter out any jobs that aren't the perfect fit for your specific criteria.

⏱️ Save Time on Lead Generation

Focus on what you do best - selling your service/product. Let us handle getting you new high-quality leads.

🤝 White Glove Service

We take the time before generating leads to understand your services/product to create a bespoke strategy just for you.


How much does this cost?

- We first need to establish that we can help you before we discuss pricing. If you think you may be able to use more qualified leads - we encourage you to apply to work with us.- Our pricing consists of an initial 3 month period with a month-to-month subscription after that. We see that 3 months is necessary to start seeing the results from this type of prospecting. After that, you can cancel your subscription at any time with a 30-day notice.- Our clients typically have a budget of at least $500/mo for lead generation.

Who is this service best for?

- The service is best for agencies, consultants, and software startups. We’ve seen that this type of prospecting works best when your product/service can replace or enhance a full-time position.
- To be accepted from our application process, we require you to have a target buyer persona, a defined sales process, and someone on your team (this could be you) to handle the outreach and appointment setting.
- We only work with teams we know we can help.

Do you do the outreach on behalf of clients?

- No we do not. What we do best is finding the right people you should be reaching out to. We believe that everyone we work with represents their company the best. We have a list of resources and templates for proactive email and phone outreach that is free with access to our community.
- If you have a need for an outsourced team to handle the outreach on your behalf, we’re happy to refer you to excellent service providers we know.

Why job postings?

- Job postings are buying signals. For certain types of products/services, they are as close as you can get to having a prospect post on their LinkedIn tagging you to contact them about your service.
- When a growing team posts an open job they are publicly saying: 1) we have a need for this area in our business and 2) we’ve allocated budget (a salary) to solve this organizational challenge. Often times those are the two toughest qualifications to know before your reach out to a potential prospect.
- The “hack” is that your competition doesn’t know to approach your prospects this way. You are able to cut through the spam and noise to have a genuine reason to connect with your prospect - which leads to more appointments and more sales.

How do you gather email addresses from a job posting? Will I be prospecting to recruiters?

- Once we have identified the target prospect within an organization, we gather their email addresses using technology that applies a “best guess” to that person's email address (using structures that are publicly available) - which works at a very high percentage.
- We also have an email verifier system that ensures the email is valid and can receive mail.
- In the off chance that the email address cannot be verified, we alert your team that we cannot verify their email. If we believe this person to be the right contact for your product/service but cannot verify, we will provide you with alternative ways to contact them.
- We do not advise our customers to reach out to recruiters, that’s why we provide email addresses for the decision-maker instead of suggesting you respond directly to the job posting.

Won’t I get more leads if I just buy a database of leads from a lead gen company?

- Absolutely. If your goal is quantity of leads we encourage you to work with a research company to buy a long list of leads.
- Our customers work with us because they value the quality of the leads we provide them with over quantity.
- If you have a small sales team, or they conduct sales on top of many other responsibilities, or if it is just you as a founder doing sales - your time is often better spent having calls with qualified prospects rather than trying to find quality leads on your own.
- Focus on what you do best while we handle providing you with quality targets to reach out to.

How many leads will you supply me with? When do I get my leads? How often?

- As part of our initial consultation, we work with you to determine the right amount of leads you need to hit your sales goals and financial targets.
- We can deliver leads at specified intervals that align with your sales process.
- Most of our clients prefer having leads delivered bi-weekly or monthly.

What if the leads don’t respond?

- Given that this process is still prospecting, some leads will not respond to your email/call/LinkedIn message.
- We have seen that this process has a tremendously higher response rate than other forms of prospecting - because we have already qualified your prospect as having a budget and having the need through their signaling act of posting a job opening
- We mitigate the risk of this happening by spending time with your team before we start gathering any leads to ensure we understand your product/service and your ideal customer at a foundational level.

Get 10 Leads for FREE!

For a limited time, we are opening up our service to Alpha Testers*.Enter your email below and our team will reach out to you to begin your Free Trial.

*Only 2 spots left

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